Isabel often has a wise word for interviewers – browse back through some of our favourite words of wisdom from Miss Lucas, plus find quotes from other celebrities talking about Izzy:


On Herself

• “I love art. I always loved creative art-all of those arty subjects at school like painting, sketching, anything like that. Also music – I love guitar and I’ve had singing lessons. I’m now learning to skateboard and I am learning some moves now. I have also never been surfing, but I want to.” – on her other talents and interests

• “I’m a bit of a kook; a bit of a quirk. And I guess I’m quiet when I first meet people, but I’m not really!”

• “My dad is a pilot so I think I was born with the travel bug. I like to keep mobile. It keeps my mind awake.”

• “I’m a fatalist. I believe things happen for a reason, that you attract people and situations that are meant to fulfil your path.”

• “It’s a simple small step I can take … it works well for my body and I also feel more in tune.” – on being a vegetarian

• “I’m real. I may make mistakes but I prefer that to lying.”

• “I’ve always been quiet, more of an observer.”

• “I find it tricky to make plans. I go by intuition. Work-wise, that means asking myself if a role will push me outside my comfort zone, challenge me to learn something new. It’s [all down to] instinct and gut.”

• “It’s soul food for me. I need (those experiences) to be able to live here.” – talking about how travelling helps her cope with living in Los Angeles

• “I need to travel – I crave the power of the ocean and the trees give me so much energy to think.”

• “For me, anywhere in nature I am creatively inspired, that’s where I plug and that’s probably my main source of inspiration, where I can fill up and revive and feel enriched.”

• “I was telling him about how I am very interested in healing and working in healing therapies and about my sometimes questioning what I am doing with my profession, and he sid something that felt significant at the time. He said ‘There are many people who never get an opportunity … when you are given an opportunity, ride the wave, just be grateful, and surrender to it’. I thought: ‘I’m not going to wonder so much any more and just accept it.” – on advice given to her by an Ayurvedic doctor in India

• “Change, of course, is growth, and anything that is not growing is either paralysed or it’s not alive, because that’s life; we always change and we grow.”

• “I’ve been writing diaries since I was six. Sometimes it’s to get clarity on a certain issue, or to never forget something that I want to savour … maybe it’s my form of therapy.”


On her family, and growing up

• “My best friend was Aboriginal. She taught me about ‘bush tucker’—the food of the land, the different things you could eat if you got lost in the bush, like grasses and berries. There’s this tree called the billygoat plum—the fruit is quite nice.” – on her childhood and the Aussie bush

• “I think you definitely have to have good roots. Mum and Dad are very grateful people, and that’s rubbed off on my sister and me. I think that I’m just really fortunate to be working at an art that I enjoy. But I think some girls do get bitten by Hollywood… I’m sure if they travelled and spent their time thinking about other things, they’d come to the same conclusion – it’s not all about how you look.”

• “I lived in Cairns, near the Great Barrier Reef, so my natural instinct is to protect the environment.”

• “When you’re 10 years old, you’re at an impressionable age and a lot of life lessons are subconscious. Kakadu was a unique experience and I think that’s where I developed a very real connection to nature.”

• “I spent a lot of time living in nature and building cubby houses in big old trees by the ocean.”

• “I was literally running around barefoot, finding waterfalls with the Aboriginal kids. The only things we had to be careful of were snakes and crocodiles.”


On her career, and acting

• “I keep asking myself “why am I so special?”. I don’t understand why I’m so blessed to be in this position” – on getting her role on “Home and Away”

• “I never really took drama or acting that seriously because I didn’t think it was a realistic path for me.”

• “It would really depend on how I felt about the script. If nudity was required to make a scene “full”, then I’d consider it. If it was a gimmick to get people to watch it… that’s not what it’s about for me.” – on whether she would consider nudity for a role.

• “Film (is my focus), but I want to try all different mediums. I have really had a lot of time to think about what I want and Home and Away was a wonderful learning experience, but it was a lot of pressure for a young person straight from school. Acting is what I love, so film and theatre is what I want to do now.” – on what she wants to do in the future

• “I auditioned for lots of different projects, all grass roots at the moment, so I can’t really speak about them, but I met with lots of agents, including Kate Winslet’s. She (Winslet) actually called when I was in the meeting. She was flying out to the Oscars the next day. It was all so surreal.” – on her business visit to London

• “I think it’s easier to play different characters and more likely for people to believe you when you have some anonymity. I just think it’s harder in our time now to achieve that.”

• “What do I need to do to be ready? I just feel so amazingly grateful for the opportunity, so if it does help career-wise then I’ll be very grateful for that too. But I don’t have any expectations, we’ll see how it goes.” – when asked whether she as ready for all the press attention that was coming from Transformers.

• “It sounds busy but there have been a lot of breaks in between. It’s been so diverse – from blockbuster to vamp-thriller to family drama-comedy. I’m lucky with the way things have unravelled.” – on how her career has taken off in recent years

• “I don’t get anything from the stardom side of things. If it’s not creatively stimulating it’s not really satisfying. I’d like to do more than just act. I do a lot of writing anyway. Script ideas, story ideas. That’s something I’d really like to pursue.”

• “Acting really helped me come out of my shell a lot.”

• “I feel blessed, fortunate, overwhelmed and grateful to many people as I see it as a team effort.” – on her Logie win in 2004

• “It can be challenging to sustain a character for an on-going period and stay in a certain headspace, for instance when your character constantly expireiences very traumatic, negative emotions. I think it’s particularly challenging in this genre, because series are on-going, whereas within a film you know you have a certain period to be in that world.” – on the challenges of acting

• “There’s so much that’s not important – the photos, what you wear on the red carpet and so much pressure to come across the right way.” – on the profession of acting

• “It’s very scary – sure I get nervous doing press,. I’ve had no experience of doing junkets or big premieres before. This is all new to me. It’s something I know I will be faced with more now and hopefully I can learn to deal with it graciously. I stay very separate from all the buzz and hype – I don’t go out a lot.” – on how dealing with the press was very new to her in 2009

• “I do feel I am in a unique position where I can use my public status to draw attention to things that matter to me and hopefully a lot of other people as well. I don’t want to push my ideas on other people. Everyone should think for themselves.”

• “There is nothing better than when I have nailed a difficult scene – the feeling of having gone to an unknown place with it. It’s freeing to explore and express different emotions.”

• “With acting, there is quite a superficial side where it is based around money and wanting to succeed and fame, and that’s OK. But there is another side, which is about knowledge and storytelling. It is about creatively exploring characters and different concepts, ideas and stories. That’s the part I’m attracted to.”

• “Acting kind of chose me. I was curious about it, but I hadn’t considered it because I was so shy.”

• “There are two ways to look at an audition. One is to be ruled by fear and terrified of that rejection that you’re not good enough; the other is to go in with no desire to lock it down, but just go for the experience, play a character and think, wow I have an amazing opportunity. I make a conscious decision to do that.”

• “I don’t really get nervous for auditions, because I just see them as mini acting classes. There’s no need to have an attachment to the outcome because it’s out of your hands after that. There’s no point in dwelling on rejection.”

• “My work now is a little different to when I was on Home And Away. You go with the flow, but it’s a different medium, so it’s a new way of working. On film, you have a lot more time, while a TV series is just like a factory.”

• “If I don’t end up with acting as a career that’s OK. You can get a tub of yoghurt as big as your head for $3.” – to the Sydney Morning Herald in December 2007

• “It’s really important – especially being on a show like Home And Away where you can fall into patterns — to keep your creative juices flowing.”

• “Often, when I was younger, I wasn’t quite sure whether I was in the right role, so to speak, being an actress because I always felt like: ‘How am I really helping the world? Can I do any good if I am doing this for my profession?’ I feel like I didn’t quite own the role. And I think things have moved around and the puzzles pieces have fallen into place and it does make sense.”

• “In a little way, it did put me on the map and that’s what I’m mostly grateful for, because now I get to do films that are in tune with my heart. I’d like to do films that match what I need to learn to grow, I think that’s what that film was in a way.” – speaking in 2011 about the doors Transformers opened for her, and how she chooses roles

• “I like playing smaller characters in films. It’s been feeling right not to have all the weight on me to carry it. That will come along when it makes sense. On a film I did called Daybreakers, I would go on to the set and spend hours watching Sam Neill and Willem Dafoe.”

• “I always thought I was too sensitive but now I know I can channel that for work.”

• “I’d like to do films that will help me learn what I need to learn at that point in my life.”

• “I prefer not to know what’s written. It’s usually not really true either. I understand it’s one part of the job and it’s OK. I just keep my focus on things that feed me positivity.”

• “It’s about finding a balance… being passionate about what you’re doing and not having a huge attachment to it.”


On her charitable work, and passion for the environment

• “I think there are many issues in the world that need to be attended to, but you also can’t give your energy to everything. I’m dealing with one thing at a time.” – on the causes she supports

• “You can’t give if your cup of inspiration isn’t full.”

• “Being so close to nature, I learned a lot about living off the land – how to live and nourish yourself. It’s not even hippy-trippy; it just made sense for me to honour and respect Mother Earth.”

• “I grew up around animals and I’m rebelling against them not having a natural existence.”

• “I said I’ll do it but maybe if we could put a video together and just do something that’s a little lighter, because it can sometimes be a bit heavy. It’s really simple and it’s not a big epic; it’s something very small that we could do.” – on her Coral Sea Love video for Protect Our Coral Sea

• “You can choose to be dragged down by an issue or realise that there are many solutions to the problem and keep focused on that. So I have to keep my heart inspired and focus on the solutions. There are so many people in this city who are little beacons of light.” – on trying to maintain her environmental work whilst living in the materialistic world of LA


On her life in Australia

• “I love Australia and I’ve been called back for auditions in two upcoming Australian films. Living in LA would be the last place I would want to be. I’ve been there before and it’s an inhuman place.” – speaking in 2007

• “Melbourne’s such a creative place. It’s a great place to be creative.”


On her life in Los Angeles

• “Los Angeles is a mad town. I’m kind of in denial about living there. It’s a funny place, an odd environment to live in … but I’ve decided to like it.”

• “There are a lot of Australians here, a little community of us. It’s my support system, since we’re all in the same boat.” – on her group of Australian friends in LA

• “I do appreciate the (professional) opportunities, for sure. And also the culture there’s so much film art, street art. Mother Nature is very strong here, too. There are deserts and waterfalls – beautiful hikes only an hour away.” – on Los Angeles

• “I do enjoy LA when I’m there, but it always felt very transitional for me and I really was there for work.” – on living in LA, in 2011

• “I first came to LA with the intention of just passing through. I’d been travelling – I spent two months in Africa and was backpacking around Europe with my sister, and I had started to feel a hunger to work again after Home & Away.”

• “I’ve liked discovering special little places out here, it’s made me feel more at home. Silverlake or Beachwood Canyon, sweet little family-run coffee shops.”


On her style and beauty regime

• “Well, the best piece of fashion advice, I gave someone would be: Be individual and wear what suits you and what you like!”

• “I like unique clothing with beading and usually opt for more soft, flowing styles for example, Peace Angels. But I usually just wear jeans or whatever is the most comfortable.” – on her favourite fashion labels

• “I am totally addicted to natural beauty products. I like to look natural and radiant. So my best beauty tip is start on the inside. Make sure to eat healthy and drink plenty of water.”

• “I love rosehip oil as a moisturiser and Lucas’ Papaw ointment as a lip balm. I just splash my face with water in the mornings and wear a moisturiser with sunscreen on it. After work I remove my make-up with cleanser and then moisturise.” – on her beauty regime

• “The most beautiful is always just what’s natural, and not forced.”

• “I like mixing and matching pieces, such as an elegant masculine jacket and with something feminine, like high heels.”

• “I don’t feel like I deserve any credit because I’m very sort of comme ci comme ca about what I wear. I just kinda go, ‘Oh today I feel like this’, but I know I’m more comfortable when dressed down – I won’t wear high heels unless I’m obliged to.”

• “I really don’t like shopping, but I do love fleamarkets.”

• “Lace dresses make my heart go weak and I love hats and anything else that’s comfortable.”

• “I just like wearing what I like. I don’t think it’s something I give that much thought to. I just like to wear what suits my mood that day.”

• “I never really paid much attention to fashion growing up. It’s really just colours, or the way that things are woven. This dress [a blue vintage pinafore, a gift from from Angus Stone] I love because I feel like a mama in it. Like I could carry a baby with this dress on.”

• “It’s individual vintage pieces I love, but then when Chanel sends you a beautiful skirt, that’s special too.”

• “You suddenly understand how it can be so contagious, the atmosphere is so exciting, the music is pumping, and the designs – they’re like works of art!” – on catwalk shows


On relationships

• “People instantly assume you can’t have a platonic friendship with someone of the opposite sex. I think this may be specific to L.A.—or America.”

• “It’s happened before, with a friend and then again with a co-star. It’s not outrageous to have male friends and at the end of the day, that’s what they are.” – on the rumours about Jared Leto, and the men she’s seen with

• “I find it attractive when someone reveals their self to you. People who are really honest and real, who can just be themselves. Humility, spontaneity and compassion are beautiful qualities.”

• “I think the last time I was single was when I was seventeen. That was my first boyfriend and, I guess, having been a serial monogamist, it’s been a really positive experience to have more time for other interests.”

• “When you’re shooting films overseas, it’s not really conducive to having a relationship. But I still think there’s a possibility for it to work quite well; it just takes more maintenance. At the moment, it’s just right to be single.”

• “You could ask anyone in a long-distance relationship. Ask any actress. There’s a lot of travelling involved. I’m not very good talking about relationships but, yes, we are very much together.” – on her relationship with Angus Stone, and having a relationship whilst working so much.

• “His name means loves and beauty incarnated in a masculine form, which perfectly defines him.” – on Angus Stone

• “He’s very inspiring, the way he lives with so much humility and such an open heart, and he inspires me creatively as well. The word that I could use, if I had to use a word to describe him, is true. Just true, down to the ground.” – on Angus Stone


On other celebrities and films

• “I have seen ‘Twilight,’ and I met Kristen and Rob, and they’re awesome. I met them when they were doing the [‘Twilight’] press junket. I love that film; they did a really amazing job, it was a huge workload and big shoes to fill… I’ve also seen a film recently called ‘Let the Right One In.’ It’s a Swedish [vampire] film that is incredible. I loved it.” – when asked about Daybreakers and other vampire movies

• “He’s nothing like that, he’s actually a dork. He’s a book worm.” – when asked whether Adrian Grenier is like his Entourage character

• “They’re such open-minded, passionate people. I love and respect them incredibly.” – on Chris Hemsworth and Jason Smith


On everything else

• “I have like so many cool and funky nicknames. My sister tends to call me Belle. I love it when my friends call me Izzy. But, my favourite nickname is Isabella.” – on her nicknames

• “I agreed to do it because I was able to handpick the photographer and the location and was able to control what the finished product would look like. [Acclaimed fashion photographer] Nick Leary took the shots, and the end result is no different to how a Vogue shoot would look.” – on why she chose to pose for FHM

• “Most bikini shots of women can look very sexist, but I wanted to prove that you can look just as sensual when you’re more covered up.” – on why she chose to pose for FHM

• “I’d do a degree. Environmental science. Fine arts. I’m not sure. Just to enjoy what I’m doing, that’s what matters.” – to the Sydney Morning Herald in December 2007

• “I have to go over and introduce myself. That’s the only thing I can do – create a human connection – so it doesn’t feel as though they’re stalking me.” – on how she deals with the paparazzi

• “I do that every day with a word I pull out of a basket my roommate has. Just as a reminder. And sometimes, I just write what I need to buy at the store—a grocery list.” – on writing things on her hand

• “Being able to experience different countries and travel to different places around the world, you collect different experiences and you meet so many different people, and life experience is the best acting training that you can have.”

• “I like it when people are shy and nervous. It’s really humbling when they are so shy, and you want to be even nicer to them.” – on meeting fans

• “My best friend’s a professional mermaid, and we live together, which gives a beautiful sister feeling in the house.” – on living with Hannah Fraser, in 2011

• “There is something about the energy of Africa. I feel like there is so much beauty here, it’s in the nature, the natural beauty and it opens people’s hearts and it brings a peace.”


Others On Isabel

Adrian Grenier – “(Isabel) and I have a very open communication. We’re friends with common interests. We’re young in Hollywood, having fun.”

Shia LaBeouf – “She’s a very talented actress. She’s beautiful. And she was thrown into a boiling pot of hot water. The set was bubbling from the minute we started on the first one. So for Isabel to come from Australia, essentially a newcomer, and virtually her first film is this large, it’s pretty impressive. It’s fun for her—new and exciting. She’s dealing with it the best she can. She’s a quiet girl, very different from Megan. She’s less outspoken, less aggressive and a totally different personality. But she’s just as enjoyable.”

Claire McCarthy – “Isabel is just, I think, a magic, beautiful young actress, I think she’s absolutely ethereal.”

Jason Smith – “Isabel Lucas who plays Tasha is a great kisser, which is good. We sometimes use tongue’s but don’t tell her I said that!”

Hattie Brett (editor of Grazia magazine) – “She has brought a refreshing ethereal edge to the staid LA boho look. Sunny, relaxed and with a bit of a 60’s free love attitude, she makes you wish you lived in LA and could pull off a sheer maxi dress barefoot.”

Sharon Meissner (manager) – “She looked so beautiful – natural, no make-up, flowing golden locks, a movie star if ever there was one.” – on when she first met Isabel