Unknown Interview 2006 [1]

The Fame Game
Home and Away hotties reveal their brushes and crushes with fame…

Isabel Lucas [Tasha]
The most famous person you’ve met? I met Peter Garrett. He’s just wonderful, what he’s done for Australia and what he’s doing at the moment, his ideas. I grew up with his music as well. I really respect him.
Who you’d love to meet? Cate Blanchett.
On meeting fans: I like it when people are shy and nervous. It’s really humbling when they are so shy, and you want to be even nicer to them.
What would you like to be famous for if it wasn’t for acting? Saving the world [Jason: “I knew you’d say saving the world!”]
Worst thing about being famous? It’s our choice to be in that situation so you just deal with whatever happens.
Most like to have a screen kiss with? James Dean if he was alive.