Today Tonight (Aus) – November 22nd 2007

Isabel Lucas vs the whalers
Isabel Lucas isn’t your average actor. She is back on home soil from the Japanese “killing coves” of Taiji, where Japanese authorities have issued a warrant for her arrest.

“They can’t do anything while we’re in Australia because we haven’t broken any international law, but it’s for ‘interfering with international commerce’,” Isabel said.

“We paddled past a net that we weren’t meant to go past, so if we go back to Japan, there is the risk that we might be arrested at the airport.”

“We are thinking possibly early next year we are going to go over and we will up the ante.”

While the protest made headlines around the world, the passionate environmentalist stressed the true horror was never seen.

“There’s no words to describe it, it’s so cruel and barbaric,” Isabel said.

“Dolphins and whales are amazingly sensitive, intelligent mammals and there is no ‘way’ to kill a dolphin or a whale.”

While the killings are often referred to as a traditional Japanese ritual, the 22-year-old believes they are more about making money.

“The people that are doing this were there and they were really disturbed,” Isabel said.

“They were quite angry, they were yelling at us and they came over in a boat with a big pole and they were hitting us in the water.

“What they were yelling was not ‘you’re disturbing our cultural right’, they were saying ‘you’re disturbing our business’. It’s a fine line, there’s nothing traditional about the methods they are using.”

Shortly, Isabel will make an impact of a different kind. The Logie winner will appear with Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe and Claudia Karvan in the vampire flick Daybreakers.

Tomorrow, she begins shooting the World War II mini-series The Pacific, with Steven Spielberg as her executive producer.

“It’s a great role,” Isabel said. “Gwen is my character and she’s the lifelong friend, girlfriend of Syd Phillips.”

“These are non-fictional characters, so they’re still alive, which is quite special.”

With her star on the rise, this is one young actor who’ll continue to support the causes in which she believes.

“We’re going to keep doing everything that we can to make a change, to stop what’s going on,” Isabel said.

“The polls are actually showing that 77 per cent of the Japanese oppose whaling, and that’s a big call. It shows that it’s just about the economy, it’s a completely political issue.”

Isabel Lucas suggests the following sites as a way to assist in the protection of sea mammals:
Save the Whales Again:
Visual Petition:
Save Japan Dolphins:
Sea Shepherd: