– 2007

The Last…

Phonecall you made: To my best friend Zoë.
Great buy you made: Stamps from the post office – I was writing a letter to Zoë, she lives in Melbourne. I always write letters.
Time you cracked up laughing: With Jase… Sometimes it’s hard, it’s that feeling of when you’re not meant to laugh, you’re on set with the crew but you’ve got this feeling, this connection with a friend and you’re trying so hard not too laugh…
Place you visited: Melbourne, to see Zoë.
Great meal you had: Gertrude and Alice in Bondi. It’s great. It’s like a bookshop café, it’s really cosy and really nice people run it.
TV show or movie you got into: Candy.
Time you were asked for an autograph: At a shopping mall.