MTV – July 1st 2009

Bloodthirsty ‘Transformers’ Star Sees Upcoming Flick As ‘Twilight’ Meets ‘Let The Right One In’

It’s a vampire movie, the lead character is named Edward and it arrives in theaters this winter. Um no, not that one. But hey Twilighters… maybe we should keep an eye on this “Daybreakers” movie too, don’t ya think?

Starring Ethan Hawke (as Edward), Willem Dafoe, Sam Neil and “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” breakout Isabel Lucas, “Daybreakers” sounds like a less romantic, bloodier alternative to the “Twilight” craze. Lucas, an Australian native, sat down with MTV recently to spill the beans on the vampire flick’s hot new trailer, and how the flick is aiming to draw new blood out of the crowded genre.

“They’re different vampires; they’re much more classic,” she said of the difference between “Twilight” and her January film, about an Earth in 2019 where a handful of humans struggle for survival ten years after a plague turns much of the population into bloodsuckers. “95% of the population of the world is now vampires, and there are 5% of fugitive humans on the run.”

Lucas said of her role: “My character is human, and she’s trying to protect the human race.” Teaming with Hawke’s desperate scientist and Dafoe’s crossbow-wielding badass, Lucas’ Alison is a member of the team that discovers an alternative that could quite possibly save humanity.

Though it is normal to compare any vampire flick to “Twilight” in this era of screaming girls donning “Team Edward” t-shirts and brandishing Stephenie Meyer’s novels like the gospel, Isabel hoped that “Daybreakers” would be more of a hybrid of the recent fang-bearing flicks.

“I have seen ‘Twilight,’ and I met Kristen and Rob, and they’re awesome,” Lucas said. “I met them when they were doing the [‘Twilight’] press junket. I love that film; they did a really amazing job, it was a huge workload and big shoes to fill… I’ve also seen a film recently called ‘Let the Right One In.’ It’s a Swedish [vampire] film that is incredible. I loved it.”

“[These are] classic vampires; it’s about a world that’s been taken over by vampires,” she explained, adding that, unlike the Cullen clan, these vamps have pointy teeth, bat-like tendencies and a fear of the daytime. “It’s blood-deprived vampires who turn into bat-like creatures, which is where the CGI and make-up team come in. And they did an insane job there.”