Home & Away Fan Chat June 29th 2005

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The actors who play Leah and Tasha, Ada Nicodemou and Isabel Lucas, joined us for a live web chat in June. But what did they have to say for themselves?

Guest: Question to both of you – your recent storylines have been great, but what has been the hardest thing you found to film? Ada: Having to pretend that I was having a car accident and rolling around in the dirt. There were spiders and stuff everywhere. It was gross!

Jellybean: Isabel is it true that you’re going to star alongside Mr. Josh Hartnett in an upcoming movie called The After Killer? Isabel: I’ve heard that somewhere else but it’s not true.

Jessica_:Isabel/Ada – what was your favorite storyline? Ada: It was a bittersweet storyline but it was when Vinnie went to jail.

taniyarno: Hey Isabel, I think you’re great, and keep up the great work! Scenes with you, Robbie and Kim are brilliant :) My question is, what would you do if you were a queen for a day? Isabel: I’d take the horses for a ride and wash the corgis.

Jellybean: Ada, why did you leave Heartbreak High? I loved your character Katrina, she was interesting in a fun way, the things she’d come up with were hilarious. I bet it was lots of fun on set. Ada: Because I decided I didn’t want to be an actor. I wanted to go and study and become an events organiser.

Guest: So Ada are you like Leah in Home and Away? Ada: Yes and no. I’m not married and I don’t have a child, but yes because I’m talkative and don’t think before I speak and I think I’m a loyal person.

Guest: Isabel what sights have you been to see? And what places have you visited while in London? Isabel: I went to Notting Hill and the beautiful Hyde Park. I’ve been to Brighton too.

teenage-monkey: Isabel, is it true you were spotted in the street and asked to star in Home and Away? Isabel: Partly true. I met my agent in the Port Douglas markets in Queensland under a mango tree.

yoo_hoo_it’s_only_me: Ada, do you have a greek family history? Ada: Yes – both my parents are Greek. They’re both from Cyprus.

((-*Funkii+Fresh: Ada, Isabel… what’s the best thing about being an actress and how does it affect your family life and social life? Isabel: Being able to act and be creative every day. Experimenting with different characters is just what I love.

Jessica_: Isabel what is your favourite music? Isabel: A whole variety. Jack Johnson, Tracy Chapman, India Arie, Ben Harper, Lauren Hill.

taniyarno: Heya Ada, what do you think the future holds for you? Perhaps acting in films, or the music industry etc? Ada: Being a mum.

Guest: I hear that the tennis star Leyton Hewitt appears in Home and Away in a future episode, how was it working with him? Isabel: It was cool. He’s really friendly and easy-going. He’s a really kind person. Natural vibe.

hez: Which members of the cast do you get on with best? Ada: Alf, Irene, Sally, Alex, Rebecca and Josie.

raul: Isabel, what did you do before Home and Away? Had you been in any other programmes? I had not seen you before! But I’m glad you came into Home and Away, you’re great! Isabel: I’d done a lot of drama classes at acting schools. I was halfway through my final year of school so no professional work before Home and Away – just courses.

hbkfan: Does Vinnie come back to the bay for good? Ada: No – he just came back for a scene.

merv: Ada – do people shout “follow the white rabbit” at you a lot? Ada: Yes – a lot of people do! It always surprises me that people recognise me from The Matrix.

Anitzy: Isabel, do you like spiders or not – and why? Isabel: I love animals but I’m not a huge fan of spiders. They don’t bother me that much – I just leave them alone and they leave me alone.

raul: Did either of you get any say on your character names? Ada: No – but I did change my character from a Greek to a Greek Cypriot.

mkimber: I just watched the show. What it like to work with Kane? Ada: He is my favourite character of all time. He’s a great actor. I’d love Leah to go out with him.

twinnie: Isabel/Ada, what is your favourite movie? Isabel: The French film Amelie and old favourite The Man from Snowy River.

Tulip2uk: Ada, What is your favourite thing about your Character Leah and if you could change Leah, what would you change about her and why? I hope she marries Dan as he’s gorgeous and she deserves to be happy. Dan gives Leah and VJ her son the stability they both need Ada: That she’s been through so many amazing things like having a husband in jail who died in a fire and then came back as a teddy bear – and also being stranded on a desert island.

stwain: Hi Isabel, what are your future career plans? Do you want to sing or star in any movies? Isabel: Acting training to learn more about the craft and hopefully do films one day.

taniyarno: I hear Ray Meagher who plays Alf is a right comedian and has everyone laughing. What’s it like working with such a legend who has been in H&A since the very beginning? Ada: He’s an absolute gentleman and he’s one of my best mates. He’s like my surrogate father.

Jessica_: what is it like working on set with the two hottest Guys? Jason and Chris? Isabel: They’re also my two best friends. It’s great. They’ve got a great positive energy and they’re always cracking jokes.

Guest: Isabel do you have any pets? Isabel: I grew up with lots of animals and I’ve got a horse called Tiki, a little dog. I could go on forever. We really have lots of animals.

Guest: Are you enjoying your time over in England? Are you going to be doing anymore interviews on tv programmes or for magazines etc? xxx Ada: Yes – we have loads of interviews to do tomorrow. We’ve got a party tonight where we’ll have to do more interviews and then we leave on Saturday.

Serb: Isabel, is Robbie a good kisser? Isabel: Not bad!

fishyboy: what’s your favourite place in oz and why? Ada: Sydney harbour without a doubt. It makes me shed a tear every time I see it.

Lou212005: Isabel/Ada, please answer my question as I am feeling ill and need some cheering up! Could you say hi and tell me what your fave colour is? Thanks, Louise Isabel: We hope you get better soon Louise. My favourite colour’s green.

Wheeza: Isabel – has anyone ever told you that you look like a mermaid? Ada: Yes – I tell Isabel that all the time!

mkimber: If you could be any other character, who would you be? Isabel: Scott – because he got to ride a horse. He had a horse for ages.

hez: Why don’t any of the Home and Away characters have pets? Ada: Pets are actually really hard to work with and they’re really expensive.

teenage-monkey: Ada, is it true you were an extra before you played Leah? Ada: I was an extra when I was 12 years old but I’ve done many things prior to playing Leah.

gk23: Who are your best mates on set? Isabel: Jason, Chris and Indiana.

Penelope: Do you like the outfits you wear on set? Ada: Sometimes I do. We try everything before we go on set. I wouldn’t wear them – they’re definitely too girly for me.

Feef: Ada – Does VJ know its a tv programme, and does he get paid? Ada: They’re twins actually and, yes, they do understand they’re doing television and, yes, they do get paid.

Timothy.Miles: Isabel, who is your favourite actress in the world? Isabel: Cate Blanchett and Audrey Tatou. Both of them – and Scarlett Johannsen.

lana: Will Hayley and Scott get together on the show? Ada: It’s a long storyline and it’s a love triangle between Scott, Kim and Hayley – and I won’t tell you who gets the girl!

Kacey: Isabel, did you really get to see Robbie naked in that camping episode? Isabel: No – he wasn’t naked! It was tricks, smoke and magic.

GreekStyle: Hello Isabel and Ada…What are your hobbies when you are not working on set? Ada: I like to read and I love to watch films and go to the theatre and keep fit. I do a lot of eating out with my friends.

Jessica_: Do either of you get your lines wrong? Isabel: Yes – I think everyone does. We’re all human.

Jellybean: Ada how was it on The Weakest Link? Ada: Very nerve-racking! You don’t realise how scary those shows are until you’re actually on them.

Wheeza: Did you both watch Home and Away as a child? Isabel: I watched it every now and then but not regularly.

hayleylady: If your character could date anybody on the show who would it be? Ada: Kane. I feel sorry for him and I think Leah could nurture him back to good health.

raul: Do you have favourite people to do scenes with? Isabel: Not really a favourite but I do enjoy working with Lynn (Colleen) because she’s really funny.

Wheeza: Is it hard having to work with children? Ada: It can be because they don’t tend to want to do exactly what’s scripted.

chipielove: Ada, what has been your most memorable holiday? Ada: I just came from Zambia in Africa and I have to say it was definitely a life-changing experience.

Meme: Do your careers sometimes get in the way of your social life? Ada: Sometimes the hours are quite long so it can get in the way of things you want to do. I can’t say I have a huge social life anyway. One of my favourite things to do is sit on my bed and read.

Luvtasha: Do you like English guys at all? Ada: I haven’t met too many of them. They tend to be quite polite and well-mannered and real gentlemen. I’d love to meet some more!

Guest: What is the next big thing that happens to your characters? Ada: I’m in a plane crash and it crashes on a deserted island. Someone dies!

liveintheuk: What is your favourite type of music? Any fave bands? Ada: I don’t really have a particular type of music. I love anything from Jeff Buckley to Robbie Williams.

JitzR: Were you both born in Australia? Ada: Yes I was. I was born in Sydney, Australia.

glowworm: Do you get confused with what has happened in the UK and what has happened in Oz? Ada: Sometimes when you’re being interviewed it’s hard to remember nine months back so we do forget.

Guest: Ada are the days on set long? Ada: We usually shoot 12 hours – sometimes we get up at 6am to shoot at Palm Beach and in that time we only have an hour lunch break. But the days tend to vary depending on the scenes we’re shooting.

jojo26: Ada, whatt has been your best storyline so far in Home and Away? Ada: The storyline with Vinnie where he was sent to prison was one of the most challenging ones for me. And for it to finally come to a conclusion last week in the UK, people will see Leah embark on a new chapter in her life with Dan.

liveintheuk: Hi Ada and Isabel :-) H&A is filmed in two different places! Is it difficult to film? Isabel: Not really because we have two crews working simultaneously. There are a lot of hours to shoot in a day.

Bertie1: I’m a big Kylie Minogue fan. Do you two ladies like her? Isabel: I haven’t met Kylie but I’ve met her sister and she’s lovely. I never got into Kylie’s music but I do like her. I haven’t got her CDs but she’s a great Austalian icon.

sarahleanne01: If you could be one person for the day, who would it be? Isabel: The Dalai Lama – just to feel what it’s like to hold so much wisdom.

Serb: England or Australia? Where do you like best? Isabel: I couldn’t really rate them. I feel more at home in Australia.

chelseabrooks: Isabel, would you ever do something like Big Brother, where people could watch you and find out about the real you instead of acting? Isabel: We always talk about this with friends but I like to have my privacy and sometimes I feel overexposed with this job as it is.

SNAPPYSUE: Ada and Isabel would you like to work in soap operas in the UK, like EastEnders? Isabel: I would like to.

hez: Isabel – I heard you could speak fluent Swiss – is this true and if so then was there any reason for chosing Swiss instead of a more common language? Isabel: Yes it is. I chose it because my mum spoke to me in Swiss when I was a child. My mum’s from Switzerland.

Jessica_: If you weren’t human what would you like to be? Isabel: Either a bird or a whale.

Isabel: Thanks for all your questions and for watching Home and Away – it’s great that so many people support the show. Have a peaceful night… Ada: Thanks for all your questions. It’s been great that so many of you have sent in such interesting ones. Sorry we couldn’t answer all of them! Keep watching Home and Away because there’s some great storylines coming up involving Leah…