Channel 9 News (Aus) – December 11th 2007

Lucas prepared for jail in anti-whaling fight

She made her debut on Australian television screens as a pig Latin speaking swamp girl — but now it appears Isabel Lucas has found her voice.

The former Home and Away star this morning revealed she was keen to return to the shores of Japan for another chapter of her anti-whaling crusade.

The blonde beauty even welcomed the idea of being arrested.

“It could be a positive thing,” Lucas told the TODAY show.

“We do risk being arrested … we were aware of that being a possibility when we were there.

“But if we up the ante and have a lot more support … then it’s unlikely they will want to be drawing more attention to the issue.

“We’re assessing the situation of the different possibilities of what might happen if we go back in February next year.”

The 22-year-old said in Japan the movement against whaling was gaining momentum, with a recent poll showing that around 70 percent of the population opposed it.

Lucas also revealed that she and other protesters wrapped their passports in plastic slips and hid them in their wetsuits when they staged a pre-dawn protest against fisherman near the coastal town of Taiji in October this year.

“They (the fishermen) kept revving their engines and driving towards us,” the Logie award-winning actress said at the time.

“We couldn’t save these whales, but hopefully shining the light on their deaths will save others.”

The Taiji area is a hotspot for fishermen notorious for using nets to herd pods of whales and their calves into a cove where they are slaughtered for their meat.

An arrest warrant for Lucas and fellow protester Hayden Panettiere — star of US show Heroes — was issued in November for “interfering with international commerce”.

But Lucas remained undeterred by the warrant, telling Channel Seven’s Today Tonight: “They can’t do anything while we’re in Australia.”

“If we do go back to Japan there’s the risk we would be arrested at the airport.”

Lucas made her debut on Australian screens as Tasha Andrews on Home and Away — a young girl who only spoke pig Latin before being taught to live with common people.