Mini Episode Guide – 2004

Read brief recaps from the Home & Away episodes we have screencapped in the Gallery. Click the thumbnails on the left of each recap to see the screencaptures for that episode.


2004 – Season 17

– Episode #3656
Original Air Date: January 19th 2004 (Aus) / Unknown (UK)
Tasha has run away from home because she’s upset after having found out about her true identity, and is hiding out in the bush. She stumbles upon Robbie, who has got himself caught in a net of ropes which he was trying to put together to catch “the weird girl that runs around…” (meaning Tasha, and he then realises it’s her in front of him). He asks her what she is doing out in the bush, and she tells him she lives out here so she can run around and be weird whenever she wants. Feeling hurt, she tells him if he invents things then he can figure out what to do next, and she walks off. As it gets dark, Robbie is still stuck, and Tash stands in the bushes and watches him. Next morning, Robbie is finally able to free himself, but as he falls from his net, he gets bitten by a snake. Screaming out for help, Tasha runs back to see what’s happened – her survial instincts kick in, and she kills the snake, sucks the venom out of Robbie’s leg and puts special leaves on it. She runs for help, and comes back with Robbie’s brother Scott. Back at home, Irene and Flynn try to get Tasha to stay at home, and convince her that that’s where she now belongs. Robbie and Beth come round later, and Robbie tells Tasha he’s pleased she’s staying around, and that for the rest of her life, he promises to make sure nothing happens to her!


– Episode #3671
Original Air Date: February 9th 2004 (Aus) / Unknown (UK)
Alf is showing everyone photos from Beth and Rhys’s recent wedding, and Tasha and Robbie comment how lovely it was. Later, Tash and Robbie are enjoying a quiet night in watching movies and eating ice cream – when Robbie starts complaining about school, Tash suggests they should go running … then she starts undressing! Colleen arrives at the house later – she is meant to be keeping an eye on them – to find their clothes strewn all over the floor, and we then see Tash and Robbie out running in the woods – naked! Robbie challenges Tasha to find him, she says ‘here I come’, and he jumps out in front of someone who thinks is Tash, only to find it’s the cops! Robbie gets taken back to Irene’s house, while Tasha is lucky enough to not be caught!


– Episode #3677
Original Air Date: February 17th 2004 (Aus) / Unknown (UK)
Tasha and Robbie are first seen in the school gym, watching Max and Henry have a boxing match, something the new headmaster Principle Hyde has organised so the boys can resolve their differences. When Max is knocked out, they run to see if he is ok. The next day they bump into a new student in the school grounds, and along with Jade and Seb, tell him all about their monster of a new headteacher (Hyde). As Hyde approaches behind them, he makes it clear that this new student is his son, Kim.


– Episode #3732
Original Air Date: May 4th 2004 (Aus) / Unknown (UK)
Tash and Robbie are walking along the beach takling about a paintballing expedition Principle Hyde has made him do. Robbie tries to convince Tash to join up and do it with him, but she declines. They come across Kim, who is working as a lifeguard, and watch, bemused, as Robbie’s younger sister Matilda tries to flirt with Kim. Duncan walks past and they all exchange harsh words. Minutes later, shouts come from the sea where Matilda is saying there is a shark. When they get back into the Surf Club, Tash, Robbie and Kim question Mattie about the supposed shark she saw, and Kim accuses her of making it up. Later at Tash’s house, she, Kim and Robbie are chatting about a possible shark sighting on the beach, until Morag arrives to talk to Kim. Later in the Surf Club Tash and Robbie are still discussing the paintballing task Hyde has put Robbie on, and Tash says she is opposed to it because she doesn’t like guns.


– Episode #3733
Original Air Date: May 5th 2004 (Aus) / Unknown (UK)
Robbie has just found out that his dad cheated on his mum, and Tasha goes to find him to comfort him. When they walk into the Diner, Robbie sees the women his dad had the affair with, and confronts him. The next day in class, Robbie snaps when the issue of monogamy comes up in class, and Tasha watches on, upset for him.


– Episode #3736
Original Air Date: May 10th 2004 (Aus) / December 6th 2004 (UK)

The Bay has received news that Scott Hunter has died, and Robbie seeks comfort in Tasha. He feels guilty because the last thing he said to his brother was that he hated him, and Tash reassures him that he knew he loved him. At the Sutherland’s house, Tash watches as Robbie lashes out at his sister Kit.


– Episode #3743
Original Air Date: May 19th 2004 (Aus) / December 29th 2004 (UK)
The paintballing expedition (that Tasha and Robbie were discussing in episode #3732) has recently taken place, and Principal Hyde was badly ‘shot’ in the eye, but the culprit is unknown. At the Beach House, Tash, Robbie and Irene are discussing what happened, and speculating on who did it. Tash and Robbie are wondering whether Kim did it, but are reluctant to say anything because he is their friend. When Kim comes back, Tash and Robbie tell him what happened, and Kim is shocked as he didn’t know what happened. The next day, Kim asks Tash and Robbie who they think did it, and they admit they thought it was him. Kim tells them he thinks it could’ve been Duncan. Later Tasha finds Duncan by the beach, and questions him on where he was and how he knows what happened. Robbie turns up too, and they take Duncan back to the Beach House, where Kim is. They, along with a few others, hold a ‘war crimes trial’, where Duncan is allowed to give his account of what happened, and then they vote on who they believe. Robbie gives his account, then Duncan gives his. They vote, and all think he’s guilty.


– Episode #3761
Original Air Date: June 14th 2004 (Aus) / January 24th 2005 (UK)
Tasha is approached by a group of “airhead” girls at school who ask if she wants to have lunch with them, and upon seeing this, Robbie and Max ask Tash why she wants to be associated with them, and that they’re only after her money. Scheming Matilda then takes Tash aside and tells her to beware of people after her money … then tries to tell her that she’s worried about her mum, before Kim interrupts them. Mattie tells Tash to meet her at the Diner for lunch. When they’re there, Mattie explains how her mum, Beth, has so much on her mind – Tash asks if she wants some money, and Mattie says that money would probably fix it, but she couldn’t ask Tash for it, and then proceeds to tell Tash that her Mum wanted to take them on holiday, but can’t afford it now. Back at Tash’s house, the Beach House, Irene is searching Tash’s room to find her money to make sure she is keeping it safe. Kane is helping her, and they come across a letter – Tash has set Irene a “trust-trap” and now that Irene has opened the letter Tash will now she has been snooping through her things. When Tash gets home and finds out, she yells at Irene and tells her she hates her, then runs down to the beach where they continue yelling and Tash says she’s moving out. Tash then goes to find the money which she has hidden in the bush … and she also has a gun hidden with it. She goes to Robbie’s house and asks if she could move it, but mentions the holiday Mattie had asked her for, getting Mattie in trouble. Tash pleads with Beth to let her stay, offering her money, and Beth says she can stay temporarily but tries to explain to her she doesn’t need to give her money. Later, Irene is looking through the post and finds a letter from America, and believes it may hold the answer to Tash’s secrets, and explain who her real father is.


– Episode #3762
Original Air Date: June 15th 2004 (Aus) / January 25th 2005 (UK)
Tash is staying at the Caravan Park with Robbie and his family for a few nights, and Rhys is not too happy about it. When Irene comes round to give Tash something, Rhys loses his temper and yells at her, and Tash comes to speak to Irene but is not at all happy about it. Irene tries to explain to her that she was trying to look after her because she cares about her and that Tash can trust her, but Tash just brushes her off. When Rhys tries to pull Tash into line, Tash doesn’t feel like she is welcome there anymore, so runs off again, and next turns to Sally and Flynn. Tash again tries to offer them money for letting her stay, but remembers that people don’t like it when she talks about money, so stops. Later, she watches as Sally tries to comfort her baby daughter Pippa, and Tash smiles and feels comforted when Sally lets her hold the baby. “That girl never ceases to amaze me,” Irene exclaims, when Flynn tells her the next day that Tash has taken a shine to Pippa. The next day, Robbie tries to get Tash to tell him about all the secrets she’s keeping, and, showing that she trusts him, she gives him the letter which reveals who her father is. Robbie tells Tash he is there for her, if she wants to get in touch with her father.


– Episode #3769
Original Air Date: June 24th 2004 (Aus) / February 3rd 2005 (UK)
Ever the impulsive one, Tash now knows who her father is and where he is, and has decided to go and meet him. Kim and Robbie have already gone there, to try to intercept her to prevent her from getting hurt, as the man is extremely rich and famous, and not known for being a good father. When Tash arrives, she is not pleased to see them – she’s angry at Robbie for telling people about her dad when he promised not to, and she doesn’t think they care about her. They try to convince her Summer Bay is where her home is. When she’s not let into her father’s gated and highly secure house, she doesn’t give up and sits down to wait. A security guard comes out and threatens to call the police, so Kim and Robbie pledge their solidarity to Tash and promise to stay with her, but when she’s told her father doesn’t want to see her, Tash is hurt and gives in, and leaves. Kim and Robbie drop her back at Sally and Flynn’s, and she later confesses that she’s tired of running, that she feels alone, but that she wants to be a better person, so she’ll trust them with her money and everything. Sally and Flynn convince her that they, and Irene, will always be there for her. The next day, she finds Robbie and Kim and tells them she wants to stay in Summer Bay, and be with her best friend, and her boyfriend.


– Episode #3773
Original Air Date: June 30th 2004 (Aus) / February 9th 2005 (UK)
It’s the day of Kirsty & Kane, and Hayley and Noah’s weddings, and Tasha comes downstairs at the Beach House to show her black dress to an admiring Irene and Robbie. Tasha says she picked it out herself, but asks if it makes her look like a bimbo – Robbie is speechless, and Irene tells her it’s perfect. Tasha gives Robbie a present of a camcorder, to record the day with, but as they walk to the first ceremony, he focuses the camera solely on Tash! Fortunately she gets him to move it onto the happy couples, as the residents on the Bay enjoy the two weddings.


– Episode #3785
Original Air Date: July 16th 2004 (Aus) / Unknown (UK)
Mattie is complaining about not being invited to a party, and while her brothers Henry and Robbie tell her it’s no big deal, Tash agrees with Mattie that it would’ve been fun! When they’re in class, Tash teases Robbie when he gets in trouble for talking. Later, at the Caravan Park/Sutherland house, Tash, Robbie, Mattie, Henry, Kirsty and some of their friends are planning Noah’s memorial concert. Tash says she’s going to read some of her Aunt Josie’s poetry – and that it’s so good it makes her want to cry. They’re all doing something to highlight their talent, and when most of the others have left, Mattie convinces Henry to show off his secret talent – Robbie, Mattie and Tash watch on in disbelief and amusement when Henry dances! Henry stops when Tash starts laughing, but tells him she thought he was really good, and that she won’t laugh again! She later reassures him, and the three of them remind him it’s for Noah and that he should perform at the concert.


– Episode #3808
Original Air Date: September 1st 2004 (Aus) / March 30th 2005 (UK)
It’s been a few days since Noah was murdered by Sarah, and everyone in the Bay is in mourning. Tash is quiet, and is feeling guilty because the gun that was used to kill Noah was hers. She approaches Hayley (Noah’s widow) at the Diner, and sits down to talk to her. Tash tries to tell Hayley that it’s all her fault because it was her gun, and because she didn’t understand how bad they were which is why she didn’t get rid of it. Hayley reassures her, and tells her Sarah would’ve got a gun from somewhere else if she didn’t have Tash’s, and no-one knew what she was going to do anyway. Back at her house, Kane decides to cheer Tash up, so gets her up, makes her smile, and drags her down to Max’s farewell party at the Diner. Tash manages to raise a smile there, and Hayley and Irene notice she is looking better, which Irene says is down to Hayley.


– Episode #3823
Original Air Date: September 22nd 2004 (Aus) / April 20th 2005 (UK)
It’s the night of Noah’s memorial concert, and Tasha is helping out backstage. She goes to find her poem to practice it but realises she has left it at home, so she runs all the way back to find it. She bursts into the house, unaware that there are people hiding in there – what are they doing? Having picked up what she needs she races back to the school, and reads her poem on stage to great applause. It is later revealed that the people hiding in the house were installing cameras, but it remains to be seen why…


– Episode #3831
Original Air Date: October 4th 2004 (Aus) / May 2nd 2005 (UK)
Tasha is telling Kane and Kirsty about her weekend away with Robbie, and explains to them they she and Robbie want to wait to sleep together until they are ready. She notices some flowers that were sent to Kirsty, and tells Kane she thinks he’s romantic, but little do they know that Kane didn’t send the flowers. When Irene tells Tasha this, Tash thinks it was her Aunt Josie that sent them. At Josie’s house, Tash compliments Josie on how nice she is to the people she loves, but this time Josie doesn’t know anything about it, and she thinks it was Tasha’s rich father who is secretly keeping tabs on them.


– Episode #3837
Original Air Date: October 12th 2004 (Aus) / Unknown (UK)
Tasha, Robbie, Henry and Mattie are outraged when Eric Dalby gets given an award for owning up to something bad he did, only to be surprised when in fact he has been tricked and won’t be getting away with it. Later, Tasha tries to wriggle out of talking to Colleen about the caravan park, and confesses to Robbie she’s considering developing it into something else, but needs to keep it quiet from everyone else. Robbie is supportive, but later tells Kim that he doesn’t like the idea.


– Episode #3844
Original Air Date: October 21st 2004 (Aus) / May 19th 2005 (UK)
After Kim insinuates that Josie and Jesse have got together, Tasha is curious and happy for them. Hers and Robbie’s joy at that is put aside when they come across Wozza and Dalby bullying a younger child at school. Frustrated at their behaviour, Tasha and Robbie come up with a plan – they put a map to a crop of dope in Tasha’s locker, and then talk loudly about it near Wozza so he and Dalby will – hopefully – take the bait of stealing the map, going to the dope site, and getting into trouble. Wozza falls for it … but later, Tash and Robbie are shocked to hear that Dalby has been badly beaten up after visiting the site…


– Episode #3845
Original Air Date: October 22nd 2004 (Aus) / May 20th 2005 (UK)
Tasha and Robbie are curious about what happened to Dalby, so they go to Dan and ask what he knows. After finding out more from him, they try to come up with a theory about what happened to him, to try to ease their guilt. When the local police come to school to talk to Tash and Robbie about the dope circle that Tash discovered, their reactions arouse Dan’s suspicions, but when he confronts them about it, they continue to deny what they have done, until Robbie confesses about their plan to Dan, who encourages them to tell the police. They get told off by the police, and it’s left at that.


– Episode #3847
Original Air Date: October 26th 2004 (Aus) / May 24th 2005 (UK)

Tasha sticks up for Mattie when Mattie is upset at her brothers teasing her about her crush on Kim coming out. The group are silenced by a bruised and beaten Dalby walks into school, and spend the rest of the day worrying about what he’s going to do to them in revenge.


– Episode #3848
Original Air Date: October 27th 2004 (Aus) / May 25th 2005 (UK)
Tasha is telling Robbie and Kim that she thinks it’s strange that Irene cleared them all out of the house to throw a party. She is, in fact, meeting with Morag, Sally, Flynn and Josie, and Josie and Morag tell the other three about who Tasha’s real father – famous millionnaire Ian Osbourne. Meanwhile, Tash, Robbie and Kim are stuck in the Diner while Irene has her secret party, until they are finally let back in the house.


– Episode #3850
Original Air Date: October 29th 2004 (Aus) / May 27th 2005 (UK)
Irene has told Tasha, Kim and Kirsty that the exterminators are coming in, although she is really having the cameras Ian Osbourne put in their house removed. Tasha is later seen at school throughout the day, chatting with Mattie and Beth about her self defense classes. She skips out to warn Kim that Mattie is intending to come and use her new self defense move on him for making her feel humiliated about her crush on him. After Mattie does go ahead with her plan, she tells Robbie, Tasha and Henry all about it, before Beth turns up to tell them she’s got some new family rules in store.


– Episode #3851
Original Air Date: November 1st 2004 (Aus) / May 30th 2005 (UK)
Ian Osbourne’s assistant Stafford tells Josie to keep an eye on Tasha and make sure she doesn’t try to contact Ian, her father. Tasha thanks Josie for worrying about her, and then tells her that it’s her turn to worry about her, and reminds Josie that if she needs any help, or someone to talk to, she can always turn to her niece. Josie later tells Irene that she is going to stay in the Bay, and Irene warns her just not to hurt Tash.


– Episode #3860
Original Air Date: November 12th 2004 (Aus) / June 10th 2005 (UK)
Tasha complains to Josie how much she hates exams, but Josie tells her to complete her exams and stay on at school. Tash observantly notices that Josie may just be grumpy because she broke up with Jesse. Tash later talks to Sally about Jesse and Josie, and her exams, and Sally points out that if Tash spent as much time studying as she does worrying about Josie and Jesse then she’d have aced her exams! As they come across Jesse, Tash tells him not to worry because she’s going to get them back together again.


– Episode #3861
Original Air Date: November 15th 2004 (Aus) / June 11th 2005 (UK)
Walking to school, Mattie (a Hunter) is complaining to Henry, Tash and Robbie about the Hunter’s recent bad luck streak of both Beth and Scott being dumped by Sutherland family members. When Mattie goes to confront Kirsty about her family – the Sutherland’s – causing the Hunter’s so much upset, Tash warns her to stay away because it has nothing to do with Kirsty and she’s been going through a rough time with Kane’s cancer. Tasha maintains a positive attitude, hoping that Scott and Dani will work things out. She then comments to Robbie that Kirsty and Kane are so great together, and that some people are so right for each other – like her and Robbie, and Jesse and Josie! Mattie’s attentions later turn to the horror of her mum starting to date Hyde, the school principal, and she comes up with a plan to convince her mum that all love is doomed – Tasha and Robbie should break up. Robbie says no, but Tasha is formulating her own plan. She later tells Robbie that they are going to break up, to manipulate Josie and Jesse into getting back together!


– Episode #3862
Original Air Date: November 16th 2004 (Aus) / June 14th 2005 (UK)
A ‘heartbroken’ Tasha runs to Josie to tell her that Robbie has broken up with her. She tells Josie the ‘horrible’ tale, asking Josie to talk to Robbie to convince him that love is worth fighting for. Tash sends Robbie in to talk to Josie, who then tries to convince him to get back together with her, whilst Robbie gets Josie to tell him why she broke up with Jesse. Meanwhile, Tasha talks to Jesse about her ‘break-up’, blaming it on his break-up with Josie because he gave up, and saying they are a bad example.


– Episode #3863
Original Air Date: November 17th 2004 (Aus) / June 15th 2005 (UK)
Tash and Robbie are overjoyed that their plan worked in getting Josie and Jesse back together! They can then tell them that they are sorting out their own problems after their own (fake) break-up. The best part of breaking up, is making up, Robbie says! Interrupted by Kim, they then turn their attentions to keeping Hyde and Beth apart, but Kim tells them to leave it because they won’t be played. Later alone again, Robbie and Tash say the celibacy they are trying to maintain is hard. After Kim tells Robbie that Beth and Hyde are just going to be working together, Tasha and Robbie realise they now have a stress free life, and celebrate with a kiss on the beach.


– Episode #3867
Original Air Date: November 23rd 2004 (Aus) / June 21st 2005 (UK)
The Hunter’s are celebrating Christmas early, because Kit and Scott are leaving the next day to go to Paris, and Tasha is definitely in the Christmas mood! She is excited about Kit and Kim getting together, and probes Robbie for more details on the new coupling. The whole Hunter family, along with Tash and Kim, all enjoy their Christmas meal later in the day. Tash is shaken by the fortune quote inside her cracker (bonbon), telling her to ‘face up to things that need facing’. It gets her thinking, and she later tells Robbie that she’s decided it’s time to meet her father, but she’s worried about how Irene will react. After a farewell breakfast for Scott and Kit the next morning, she tells Irene that she wants to meet her father, and she wants her and Josie to go with her.


– Episode #3868
Original Air Date: November 24th 2004 (Aus) / June 22nd 2005 (UK)
An excited Tasha bounces around trying to plan her visit to meet her Dad, much to Josie and Irene’s dismay. Josie tries to talk her out of it, but Tasha is adamant in her plans, wanting to be able to spend next Christmas with her father – with or without Josie’s help. When Josie goes to see Ian – Tash’s father – he orders her to tell Irene to bring “the girl” to his house the next day. Tash spends the evening fretting about the next day. When she and Irene arrive at the property the next day, Tash is ordered to give a DNA sample and undertake fitness and intelligence tests, which Tash does not understand. When she finally gets to meet him, he tells her that DNA testing shows she is her daughter, and that she may make a good trophy for social events. In order to have a relationship with him, she must cut all ties to her past, including Irene and Summer Bay. After a further strict list of things she must do and agree to, he demands an answer from her – does she want to be an Osbourne or not? Tasha’s choice is obvious, but she is hurt and disappointed, and Josie comforts her back at their home, telling her that she and Irene, and Robbie and Kim are her real family. Josie tells Irene privately that Ian Osbourne treated Tash this was to push her away and prevent her from being sucked into his tough world – he was being cruel to be kind.


– Episode #3869
Original Air Date: November 25th 2004 (Aus) / June 23rd 2005 (UK)
Tasha is still hurting from her father’s response to her, and tells Robbie all about it. She is planning to go and stay with her half-brother Dylan in the city, and Robbie says he wants to go with her, to support her. They later attend a private opening of Josie’s new bar, Noah’s, with Josie and Jesse. Once home again, Kane and Kirsty grab Tash and give her pep talk, reminding her that she will get through this tough time and be a whole lot better from it, and that they’re there for her, which she appreciates.