Video interview with Isabel at “The Wedding Party” LA Premiere

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Here’s a video of Isabel talking to Film Festival Flix at their LA premiere of The Wedding Party earlier this year:

“The Wedding Party” available on DVD in the US

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Isabel’s Aussie romantic comedy The Wedding Party was released on DVD in the US on June 19th, and you can purchase a copy at I don’t have details on the extras. Pick up a copy to see Isabel as the Russian bride Ana!

Additionally, have a competition for US residents to win a copy of the DVD.

Steve Thompson (Josh Lawson), a lovable anti-hero, is the youngest son in the gloriously flawed Thompson family. In a bid to save himself from financial ruin, Steve does the unthinkable and agrees to marry Ana (Isabel Lucas), a Russian woman seeking residency in exchange for a huge sum of cash. Behind closed doors the deal is done, a secret wedding is arranged and in no time life will be back to normal, or so Steve thinks, until a nosy family friend gets wind of the wedding plans and before sundown the whole Thompson family is gripped by wedding fever. Although Steve’s family could use some constructive therapy for their own relationships, they rally together to support Steve in preparation for the world’s most farcical wedding. What was once a private registry affair is now a fully-fledged spectacle as Steve’s lie takes on a life of its own, and he is more and more consumed by the fear that he has ruined his chance to be with his true love Jacqui (Kestie Morassi).

“The Wedding Party” Film Screencaptures

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The Wedding Party is available to buy on DVD in Australia, and I have now been able to add screencaptures from the film to our Gallery. They are small captures, but this is all we can get for the moment. Isabel has a fairly large role in the film, and put in a good performance as Ana … probably one of my favourite’s of hers actually! The film is a fun Aussie romantic comedy and I’d recommend watching it if you can.

Browse through the screencaptures in our Gallery:

The Wedding Party > Film Screencaptures x397

“The Wedding Party” US Premiere

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It seems The Wedding Party is getting a bit more promotion in the US, as a premiere for it was held in Los Angeles earlier this month. Isabel and director Amanda Jane were both in attendance, with Isabel looking pretty in a black sequinned jacket and red top (can’t see the bottom half unfortunately!). At first sight I thought she’d cut her hair short, but she’s actually just got it cleverly tied back. Whilst on the red carpet Isabel spoke of her delight at the film getting this premiere, saying:

“This is really special and I’m delighted to be here. It feels great for The Wedding Party to be picked up in the States. We all felt passionate about the script, and it’s wonderful that Film Festival Flix takes Indy, underdog films. This really was a love project for us.” have a short article about the event which you can read at their site. It seems to have been a low key premiere, but I’ve managed to find 7 photos from it for you, and you can see them in our Gallery – Isabel is all smiles!

“The Wedding Party” US Premiere x7

“The Wedding Party” to receive limited US cinema release

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The Wedding Party has now secured distribution in the US!

Our filmography page for The Wedding Party has also been updated today.

The Wedding Party secures US cinema release with MouseTrap

Australian comedy The Wedding Party will have a limited US theatrical run after securing a deal with Mousetrap Films.

The small US release, set for 2013, will be through Mousetrap’s recently launched Film Festival Flix program – an innovative method of bringing film festival favourites without a distribution deal to a wider audience.

Film Festival Flix – a ‘mini-festival’ – is held in cinemas on one-night, once-a-month, in more than 25 cinemas in more than 15 cities. Three films are screened (a documentary, a signature feature, and a late night genre picture); a short Q&A is held with the filmmakers; and DVDs of the film are available to buy on-site. The film is also distributed simultaneously on other platforms such as VOD, in-store retailers and on TV/cable.

Australian drama Face to Face, directed by Michael Rymer, was also released in similar fashion in the US through Film Festival Flix.

The Wedding Party, which stars Josh Lawson and Isabel Lucas, had a long festival journey, picking up multiple awards including most popular Australian film at the 2010 Melbourne International Film Festival. Since then, the film has been re-cut by Oscar-nominated editor Jill Bilcock.

The film will be released in Australian cinemas on October 11 by new distribution company, LABEL (founded by Tait Brady) followed by a DVD and VOD release through Madman Entertainment.

More “The Wedding Party” behind the scenes videos

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More official videos from The Wedding Party have been uploaded to their YouTube channel, and you can watch them below. HD screencaptures will be added soon!

The cast of THE WEDDING PARTY talk about what it was like to work with the ensemble.

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Variety review of “The Wedding Party”

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I just came across this review of The Wedding Party from Variety and thought it was worth a share:

The Wedding Party

The ripple effect of an arranged marriage on an extended, problem-plagued Melbourne family is explored in director Amanda Jane’s ambitious, fitfully amusing “The Wedding Party.” More satisfyingly measured and significantly less exaggerated than Aussie comedy often plays, the film nevertheless features a sprawling narrative and various plot holes that conspire to raise as many questions as are answered. Its frank views on contempo relationships will gain it some traction locally, although partying days will be limited overseas.

Pic opens Oct. 11 in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, long after the film’s July 2010 preem as the curtain-raiser for the Melbourne Film Festival. Rushed through post to meet that deadline, it was felt to play long at 116 minutes and was subsequently trimmed. Though beautifully shot on 35mm in widescreen by Katie Milwright, the recut was processed, and will be exhibited digitally.

Twentysomething Steve Thompson (Josh Lawson) goes all in at the craps table and finds himself on the brink of foreclosure. Answering an ad in the paper, he collects $25,000 to marry Russian immigrant Ana Petrov (Isabel Lucas) so that she and her hotheaded b.f., Vlad (Nikolai Nikolaeff), can stay in the country.

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“The Wedding Party” released in Australia; new behind the scenes featurette

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Check out this great behind the scenes featurette from The Wedding Party, in which the actors talk about their characters.

The Wedding Party was released in Australia yesterday! I hope all our Aussie visitors are planning to go and see it this weekend 😉 If/when you do see it, feel free to drop back in here afterwards and tell us what you thought of it…

“The Wedding Party” to be released in Aus on October 11th

September 22nd 2012 • by Jess • 2 CommentsThe Wedding Party

We finally have a release date for The Wedding Party! The official twitter for the film announced that it will be released in Australian cinemas on October 11th. Aussie fans, be sure to go and see the film then, and drop back in here afterwards to tell us what it was like! It’s received some good reviews, and is meant to be a very funny Aussie comedy. Isabel plays the Russian wife-to-be Ana in it.

New trailer for “The Wedding Party”

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Following a string of successful screenings at film festivals in the last couple of years, we now have a second trailer for Isabel’s upcoming romantic-comedy The Wedding Party. We get to hear Isabel speak in this one, and she sounds so different with her Russian ‘accent’! The movie looks quite funny as well.

There is still no official set release date for the film, although says it may be released in September. Check out the film’s official website at

Watch the trailer below, and find HD screencaptures from it in our Gallery…

Content updates – trivia, quotes, filmography

With all the new interviews and Immortals features we’ve been getting, I thought it was time to update some of our content pages. And so I have updated the Trivia and Quotes pages, as well as our Filmography page for Immortals and Isabel’s other recent movies – The Wedding Party, Red Dawn, and The Loft. I’ll add pages for Knight of Cups and Isabel’s other rumoured upcoming films when they’re officially confirmed. Charity, Style and some fun new media and games are coming next 😉

More wins for The Wedding Party but no local distribution

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Actors Josh Lawson and Isabel Lucas have been named Best Hollywood Newcomers at the Beverly Hills Film, TV and New Media Festival for their roles in an Australian film which is yet to get distribution two years after being made.

Despite gaining recognition at a number of festivals, it now looks like The Wedding Party will not get a release this year.

Directed by Amanda Jane and produced by Nicole Minchin, the romantic comedy opened MIFF last year.

In late May, Minchin told Encore: “We are looking forward to a local release in the second half of this year with an announcement in the coming weeks.”

However, she today told Encore: “The thing is, we haven’t struggled to get distribution, it’s about finding the best distribution plan. It’s an audience film, as our MIFF win shows, so it’s only spurred us on to make sure it gets seen in cinemas.”

“We’re planning on releasing it early next year. I can’t say who’s distributing it. We’re currently finalising the distribution agreement.”

Originally specialty distributor Arkles Entertainment was due to distribute the film locally but Minchin said the two parties came to an agreement that Arkles wouldn’t distribute the film.

– Read the full article at

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