New US trailer for “The Loft”

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Here is another – the time for the US – trailer for The Loft. It is currently set to hit US screens on January 23rd.

New international trailer for “Loft” plus release dates

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After having its cinema release pushed back again, Loft is now scheduled to be released (in the US?) on January 23rd 2015. Below is an another international trailer for the movie, with the description suggesting it will be released in Belgium tomorrow – October 15th…

Universal Sets “The Loft” for August 29, 2014

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Universal Sets The Loft for August 29, 2014

Nearly a full year after the film’s trailer debuted online, Universal Pictures has announced that Erik Van Looy’s The Loft is scheduled to hit theaters on Friday, August 29, 2014.

Karl Urban (Star Trek Into Darkness) and James Marsden (2 Guns) star in the psychological thriller, which tells the story of five married guys who conspire to secretly share a penthouse loft in the city–a place where they can carry out hidden affairs and indulge in their deepest fantasies. But the fantasy becomes a nightmare when they discover the dead body of an unknown woman in the loft, and they realize one of the group must be involved. Paranoia seizes them as everyone begins to suspect one another. Friendships are tested, loyalties are questioned and marriages crumble as the group is consumed by fear, suspicion and murder in this relentless thriller.

Wentworth Miller, Eric Stonestreet, Matthias Schoenaerts, Isabel Lucas, Rachael Taylor and Rhona Mitra also star.

Coming Soon

“The Loft” receives an ‘R’ rating

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Props to Lindsey to pointing me in the direction of Rope Of Silicon, which reports that The Loft has received an MPAA rating of R for ‘sexual content, nudity, bloody violence, language and some drug use’. Unfortunately there is still no release date for the film, although IMDB (who aren’t that reliable these days) currently list April 2013.

Extended trailer for “The Loft” released

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A couple of days ago, a ‘new’ trailer for Loft appeared online. However, it seems that it’s not actually a new trailer, it’s just the extended/full version of the trailer clip we saw earlier this year. According to this Facebook page, this trailer was apparently released a year ago (!) to show to potential buyers and distributors, and it has since changed distributors. A full, official trailer will display the official Warner Bros and MPAA logos … although we still don’t have any further information on when that, or a film release date, will be.

Still, here is the full ‘old’ trailer, with screencaps in the Gallery…

Dark Castle moves into ‘Loft’

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Joel Silver’s Dark Castle Entertainment banner has acquired Anonymous Content’s infidelity thriller “Loft.” It has yet to be determined whether the film will be released through Warner Bros., where Dark Castle is currently based, or Universal, where Silver just inked a 12-picture distribution deal.

Silver will now be credited as an exec producer on “Loft” along with Andrew Rona and Steve Richards.

Additionally, Dark Castle is currently in production on “Getaway,” a thriller that will star Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez. Details on that project were not immediately available.

Dark Castle is currently working with Emmett/Furla Films on Albert Hughes’ actioner “Motor City,” which has Gerard Butler attached to star, though Gary Oldman and Amber Heard are no longer involved with the project.

As for “Loft,” the Erik Van Looy-directed pic is an English-language remake of his own 2008 Belgian film. Edgy indie follows five married friends who share a loft where each brings his mistress. When the dead body of an unknown woman is found there, they begin to suspect one another of murder.

Wentworth Miller, James Marsden, Karl Urban, Eric Stonestreet and Matthias Schoenaerts star alongside Rhona Mitra, Isabel Lucas, Rachael Taylor, Margarita Levieva and Kristin Lehman.

Wesley Strick (“Doom”) adapted Bart De Pauw’s original screenplay. Anonymous Content’s Steve Golin, Paul Green, Matt DeRoss and Adam Shulman produced along with original “Loft” producer Hilde DeLaere of Belgian banner Woestijnvis.

– Variety

“Loft” pushed back to 2013 in Germany?

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In a recent article dated May 19th, Variety profiled German distribution company SquareOne, who own the rights to Loft. In the profile it states that they plan to release Loft next year – I’m not entirely clear whether they hold the rights for just Germany, or also for international distribution, but either way, Loft is now set to be released in Germany at the least in 2013.

Still no official word on any other European or American dates, unfortunately.

It’s been 10 years since Munich-based SquareOne Entertainment came on the scene, and the distributor, which has backed films including “White Noise,” “Bride and Prejudice” and “StreetDance 3D,” is celebrating with its biggest slate ever. But for those watching the company, founder and prexy Al Munteanu says you ain’t seen nothing yet.

“We expect 2013 to be even bigger,” he says.

Next year the company plans to release 12 films, including Karl Urban and Wentworth Miller thriller “Loft“; Bradley Cooper starrer “Hit & Run”; “Welcome to the Punch,” with James McAvoy and Mark Strong; Robert Redford drama “All Is Lost”; and dance pic “Cobu 3D.”

First trailer for “Loft” online!

January 25th 2012 • by Jess • 1 Comment »Gallery Update, Loft, Videos

Isabel fans, we are in for a treat! I’ve just come across the newly released teaser trailer for Loft, and it looks amazing! Isabel looks gorgeous, and it seems to be a much meatier role than she’s had before and I think she’s going to surprise us all in it. The teaser was premiered on Belgian website yesterday, I believe.

The movie is set for release in Europe in the Spring.

Watch and enjoy below, and tell us what your first impressions of the movie are by posting a comment…

New interview with MovieWeb

November 10th 2011 • by Jess • No CommentsFilms, Immortals, Loft, Site Update

MovieWeb had the chance to sit down with Izzy for a chat, and they’ve just posted the interview on their website. Click here to read it at their website, or follow the link below to find it on our Press page. I love all these new interviews, and reading Isabel talking about her career and working on this movie. I was particularly excited to read (in this interview) Isabel say “there is a lot to talk about, but I’m not allowed yet” about what she has lined up in the near future!! Sounds very promising and as if she’s going to be quite busy!

I was really taken by the costumes here. They were just amazing. When you first read the script, were the costumes that detailed?

Isabel Lucas: No, none of it was in the script when I first read it. It was pretty much when I got to Montreal and met with the costume designer. She just showed us all the pictures for my character’s outfits, and they were just unbelievable and beautiful and gruesome, and just so creative. They were very impractical, physically, to wear, with the corsets and the chain-link skirt was nearly 20 kilograms. It was heavy, and the crown as well, but it was certainly encouraging to embody the character, once you put it all on. It makes you feel very regal.

Are there plans in place for the release of Loft? Are they taking it on the festival circuit?

Isabel Lucas: Yeah, that one comes out, I think, early next year. It’s with James Marsden, Eric Stonestreet, Wentworth Miller. It’s a great cast. I saw the original before I read the script, and I was really drawn to it. When I met Erik (Van Looy), the director, that’s when I was really certain I wanted to do it, because he was just wonderful.

» Read the full interview on our Press page

Content updates – trivia, quotes, filmography

With all the new interviews and Immortals features we’ve been getting, I thought it was time to update some of our content pages. And so I have updated the Trivia and Quotes pages, as well as our Filmography page for Immortals and Isabel’s other recent movies – The Wedding Party, Red Dawn, and The Loft. I’ll add pages for Knight of Cups and Isabel’s other rumoured upcoming films when they’re officially confirmed. Charity, Style and some fun new media and games are coming next 😉

Astrid In Wonderland goes behind the scenes of “Loft”

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Belgian TV show Astrid In Wonderland recently took a look behind the scenes of Loft, and were shown around the set by director Erik Van Looy. There’s no sight of the cast, just the set, but we get a good look at the titular loft. There’s quite a lot of fake blood shown, so if you’re sqeamish look away at about 45 seconds in!!

Watch a slightly shortened version of the video below, or watch the full thing at the Astrid In Wonderland show’s website. They have another short behind the scenes video here too. They speak in English some of the time, so us non Dutch speaking visitors can understand some of it!

More on “Loft” – behind the scenes video, party appearance, release date

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– I’ve just come across another behind the scenes video from the set of Loft. Unfortunately I don’t see Isabel in it, but it’s worth a watch anyway.

Check out a shorter behind the scenes video from the film that we previously posted here.

– I’ve also read that on July 13th Isabel attended a dinner/party for the US-Belgian cast and crew of the movie, hosted by US ambassador Howard Gutman. Also attending were director Erik Van Looy, writer Bart De Pauw, and co-stars James Marsden and Eric Stonestreet. The Ambassador gave a brief speech at the dinner, and said how this production was an example of how US and Belgian cultural ties can be deepened, and that those working on this production were all ambassadors. I haven’t found any pics of Isabel at the event yet.

The Loft will be released by Kinepolis on March 28th 2012 in Belgium/Holland.

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