“A Heartbeat Away” Film Screencaptures

June 26th 2012 • by Jess • No CommentsA Heartbeat Away, Gallery Update

I’ve now added screencaptures from Isabel’s 2011 comedy-musical movie A Heartbeat Away. Isabel looked really pretty in the movie, although sadly she didn’t have much to do in it … nor did we get to hear her sing, which I had been hoping for! As for the film itself, I thought it was lighthearted family fun and a nice Aussie comedy.

Check out the screencaptures of Isabel as Mandy Riddick in our Gallery:

A Heartbeat Away (2011) > Film Screencaptures x367

“A Heartbeat Away” coming to DVD in Australia

August 5th 2011 • by Jess • No CommentsA Heartbeat Away, Gallery Update

After a bit of searching I’ve discovered that A Heartbeat Away will be released on DVD in Australia on August 31st. This is a Region 4 encoded DVD so will only be playable in that area, unless you have a multi-region DVD player. The DVD cover can be seen to your left, and special features are as follows:

Special Features:
• Marching with Two Left Feet
• Every Generration Has It’s Anthem…And Dance
• The Human Heart Of The Story…

You can pre-order your copy at EZYDVD.com.au. While this film didn’t get overwhelmingly positive reviews upon it’s theatrical release, it looks like a sweet, fun movie … plus, Isabel sings and dances in it! Pick up a copy if you can :)

New interview with the Sydney Morning Herald: Airhead or Ingenue

April 2nd 2011 • by Jess • No CommentsA Heartbeat Away, Career, Charities, Personal, Red Dawn

The Sydney Morning Herald have published a new interview with Isabel, in which she talks about the usual things, but as always it’s a very interesting read. She mentions Red Dawn, why she wanted to do A Heartbeat Away, travelling, who she wants to work with in the future and more. The interview has been added to our Press page.

Former Home and Away star Isabel Lucas has cracked Hollywood. Ed Gibbs finds her at odds with her ditzy reputation.

Her big break in the US may have been stymied by a film studio in free-fall but former soap star and notorious environmental activist Isabel Lucas now appears set for well-earned breakout success in 2011.

Having survived the collapse of MGM (best known as the long-time home to James Bond’s 007 licence), Lucas’s follow-up to 2009′s big-screen debut, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, is Red Dawn , which is firmly back on track for its blockbuster release. And, as if to make up for lost time, there’s a second major film due out as well.

In addition to the long-delayed remake of the 1980s cult hit – in which Lucas stars opposite fellow Melburnian Chris Hemsworth – audiences will also see the starlet alongside A-listers Mickey Rourke, Stephen Dorff and John Hurt in the Greek mythology drama Immortals. The two films are polar opposites for the 26-year-old, who was famously plucked from acting college when she was 17 and groomed for her Australian soap debut in 2002.

“I’ve heard it’s amazing but I haven’t seen the finished product yet,” she says of Red Dawn. “We were doing boot camps and martial-arts training, learning to use different weaponry in the cold Detroit winter. It’s classic action. When you’re an actor, when opportunities come up, you go with the flow. You jump.”

Read the full interview

“A Heartbeat Away” Australian Box Office Week 1

March 21st 2011 • by Jess • No CommentsA Heartbeat Away

Aussie romantic comedy Griff The Invisible has had a reasonably successful opening at the local box office, taking in $66,344 across 20 screens.

This gives the Paramount/Tranmission film, directed by debut feature filmmaker Leon Ford, a screen average of $3317 in its opening weekend.

Starring True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten and Beautiful Kate’s Maeve Dermody, the film follows office worker Griff who lives a secluded life, but by night assumes his other identity. He falls for young scientist Melody who shares his passion for the impossible.

The quirky film will open across the US in June.

Andrew Traucki’s latest “creature feature” The Reef, which opened on 36 screens, took in $58,196 in its opening weekend.

The film, which mainly opened in regional areas due to big Hollywood blockbuster Battle: Los Angeles, was made for $3.8 million and shot in Hervey Bay, Queensland. Additional shark footage was shot off South Australia.

A Heartbeat Away, by acclaimed theatre director Gale Edwards, unfortunately had a disappointing opening, taking $44,204 across 77 screens, giving it a screen average of just $574.

Distributed by Hoys, the musical/comedy feel-good movie stars Isabel Lucas, Roy Billing, Colin Friels and Sebastian Gregory.

Sony’s big-budget Hollywood film Battle: Los Angeles took in $2.5 million Down Under across 328 screens while animation flick Rango finished in second place making $2.2 million in its second weekend.


“A Heartbeat Away” in Australian cinemas now!

March 17th 2011 • by Jess • No CommentsA Heartbeat Away

Isabel’s new film, A Heartbeat Away, is released in Australian cinemas today! If you’re looking to spend a few hours in the cinema then why not go and see this movie. While it hasn’t received the best reviews so far, there is no doubt watching it to see Isabel sing and dance is worth it, and it definitely looks like a fun, feel-good movie.

If you do go and see the movie then feel free to pay us a visit here afterwards and tell us what you thought of the movie, and of Isabel’s performance in it. Leave a comment here with your review, or send me an email. We’d love to hear about it!

Find out more about the film by reading through our Filmography Information page and browsing through our News Archives for it. Browse through our Gallery for the movie here. And of course visit the official website and Facebook page for A Heartbeat Away.

New interview with AdelaideNow.com.au

March 16th 2011 • by Jess • No CommentsA Heartbeat Away, Career, Immortals, Personal, Site Update

AdelaideNow.com.au have posted a new interview with Isabel to promote A Heartbeat Away. As well as that new film, Isabel also talks about Immortals, her life in LA, making movies in LA and Australia, and travelling. Read it in our Press section!

Isabel Lucas is singing a new tune

SHE has a key role in the new Australian musical A Heartbeat Away and recently popped up on YouTube performing a duet with US actor-musician Lukas Haas, but Isabel Lucas says the closest she has come to live singing is an occasional lounge-room jam session with her boyfriend Angus Stone.

“At this stage, I am focused on my acting career,” says the LA-based actor, who got her first big overseas break as a sexually voracious alien in 2009′s Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen.

Such single-mindedness goes some way to explaining why Lucas doesn’t actually sing, as is implied, on Lucas and Lukas’s Made For You – the clip is in fact an unorthodox viral marketing campaign, launched by European band The Gift.

The pair were hired to generate a bit of buzz before the outfit’s upcoming album release.

And although the former Home And Away star took singing lessons growing up, and learnt to play guitar for a small role opposite Joel Edgerton in The Waiting City, neither talent was required by her character in A Heartbeat Away.

Read the full interview

“A Heartbeat Away” articles & reviews

March 16th 2011 • by Jess • No CommentsA Heartbeat Away

A Heartbeat Away is being released in Australia tomorrow, and a few articles and reviews about it have popped up online in the last few days.

Various links and reviews are posted below. None of them really mention Isabel, but maybe we’ll get some more press from her for the film in the next few days. To see more reviews just do a search on Google … but unfortunately the reviews I’ve read are not good at all.

Fresh start blows Gale’s way – interview with director Gale Edwards

• Review: Moviehole.net

Much like a newly polished guitar with broken strings, new Aussie musical ”A Heartbeat Away” looks okay (With Isabel Lucas in the cast, how could it not!?) but is otherwise fairly useless.

• Review: MindFood

His mission, aided by the lovely Isabel Lucas, is to get the band on his side, rearrange an iconic rock song for brass and totally overhaul their dated routine without his father finding out and in time for the annual regional championships.

Charming and light this feel-good flick is a nice anecdote to the string of heart-wrenching Australian-made films of recent years.

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New interview and photoshoot for the Australian Daily Telegraph

March 6th 2011 • by Jess • No CommentsA Heartbeat Away, Career, Gallery Update, Media Alert, Site Update

Today’s issue of Australia’s Daily Telegraph paper has a new interview – and photoshoot – with Miss Lucas! The interview is a good read, and their focus on the “contrasts” and “contradictions”, as they say, of Isabel is very interesting.

The interview has been added to our Press page, and the photos to our Gallery.

Hippie or Hollywood Diva?

SHE’S the Hollywood starlet with a boho heart, but it’s not all peace and love with Isabel Lucas. Meg Mason delves deeper and discovers the steely determination of a girl who knows what she wants.

Isabel Lucas is a lesson in contradictions. In person and onscreen, the Australian actor comes across as the consummate starlet – luminously pretty, composed, with just the right amount of quirkiness.

But buried within that, there’s something else; a natural reserve and stand-offishness that adds up to an edge as sharp as those famous cheekbones.

The 26-year-old admits she’s so shy, her hands start shaking when she spots a paparazzi flash. “I have to go over and introduce myself,” she muses. “That’s the only thing I can do – create a human connection – so it doesn’t feel as though they’re stalking me.”

Marching up to hardened paps with an outstretched hand is a bold move for a Hollywood newcomer, and it says something else entirely about the tough interior she hides so well. During our photoshoot, she floats around the studio like a woodland sprite, but get her started on any of her passions and she adopts a direct tone, speaking at length about Japanese whaling, clean water or other causes close to her heart.

Any remaining notion of a carefree flower-child vanishes in the hair stylist’s chair, when Lucas decides the results aren’t to her liking. She politely but insistently takes over, while the crew waits. Even the outfit she arrives in is a study in contrasts: a well-loved Chanel bag and a pair of eco-friendly Toms loafers, perfectly in keeping with the power-hippie look that’s made her a staple for style bloggers and fashion magazines.

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“The Wedding Party” and “A Heartbeat Away” screening at Aus Film Fest

March 3rd 2011 • by Jess • No CommentsA Heartbeat Away, The Wedding Party

After some huge blockbuster hits and a record Oscar haul, the Australian film industry deserves to pat itself on the back for a 2010 well done.

But as the Australian Film Festival gets underway in Sydney on Wednesday, it is clear 2011 is shaping up to be another good year.

In this year’s line up, Transformers star Isabel Lucas features in the opening and closing night films The Wedding Party and A Heartbeat Away, Summer Bay resident-turned-True Blood beefcake Ryan Kwanten releases his inner geek in the superhero tale Griff The Invisible, and Damian Walshe-Howling and Gyton Grantley are among a group of Aussies being hunted by a giant shark in The Reef.

Festival director Barry Watterson says if films like these are anything to go by, it should be another stellar year for the local industry.

“I have to say there are a lot of potentially great films coming,” Watterson tells AAP on Wednesday, hours before the opening night celebrations of the 12-day festival.

“Whereas in Hollywood you’re having the sequel, the prequel, the third, fourth, and you’ve got people dredging the bottom of cartoons and comics to try and make these blockbusters, there are a whole range of films coming out here in Australia this year.

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New “A Heartbeat Away” clips

February 26th 2011 • by Jess • No CommentsA Heartbeat Away, Gallery Update, Videos

A couple of new clips from A Heartbeat Away have been posted online recently, and you can view them below! Only the first one – entitled ‘Happy March’ – features Isabel though. The movie looks like a lot of fun and I love how colourful this clip is! Screencaps have been added to the Gallery.

The release date for A Heartbeat Away has actually recently been put back, and it will now be out in Australian cinemas on March 17th – 2 weeks later than originally planned.

A Heartbeat Away: Clip Screencaptures – ‘Happy March’ x38

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Official Site for “A Heartbeat Away” now open!

January 13th 2011 • by Jess • No CommentsA Heartbeat Away, Gallery Update

Thanks to our visitor Alrey for alerting me to the opening of the official site for A Heartbeat Away! Find it at http://www.aheartbeatawaymovie.com. I had been waiting for the site since the trailer came online last week. So far on the site you can find the synopsis, cast and crew info, as well as some stills, which include 3 new ones of Isabel as Mandy! These have been added to our Gallery.

The film also has an official Facebook page now – facebook.com/aheartbeatawaymovie. And the distribution company have a YouTube channel which you can find linked on the official film website, and only features the trailer so far. Hopefully we’ll get a few clips before the actual film release!

A Heartbeat Away (2011) > Stills x3 more

“A Heartbeat Away”, “Immortals” among most anticipated movies of 2011

January 12th 2011 • by Jess • No CommentsA Heartbeat Away, Immortals

At the start of the year I posted articles about Immortals being one of the most anticipated movies of 2011, and we now have a few more similar lists, with A Heartbeat Away being included as well! Looks like Immortals may be a big one … 😉

The Notable Films Of 2011: Part Six

A Heartbeat Away
Opens: 2011
Cast: Sebastian Gregory, William Zappa, Tammy McIntosh, Colin Friels, Roy Billing
Director: Gale Edwards

Summary: A young aspiring rock guitarist is forced to become the musical director of the local marching band when his father is hit by a bus just four weeks before a major competition.

Analysis: Hoping to achieve the same success that “Bran Nue Dae” had early last year, this Queensland-produced $8 million Australian comedy/musical boasts a familiar scenario that hopes to draw in local audiences not keen on the limited release art house fare that constitutes most Australian films released locally. Certainly the trailer feels like a hybrid of “Brassed Off” with a teen romance musical about a young geek and the girl way out of his league.

Acclaimed stage director Gale Edwards makes her directorial debut on the feel good film so one would expect the musical numbers to be staged impressively, how she’ll do with the rest of the story we’ll have to wait and see. Hoyts Distribution will be giving the film a wide release across Australia in March, and its fortunes internationally will probably depend a lot upon how that goes.


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