New layout at Isabel Lucas Online!

April 6th 2013 • by Jess • 2 CommentsSite Update

Hello Isabel fans and welcome back to our freshly revamped site! Thanks to the lovely Flor we have a beautiful and long overdue new layout! This one features a photo – one of my favourites – from Isabel’s 2009 photoshoot for Vanity Fair, and I think it showcases Isabel’s natural beauty and persona perfectly. Flor did a great job capturing a beachy feel and customising the layout to our needs, so I hope you all love this new look as much as I do … don’t be shy in leaving a comment :-)

With a new layout should always come new updates, so I will try to get something in in the next few days….

2 Responses to “New layout at Isabel Lucas Online!”

  1. Amazing new layout Jess, probably my favorite one so far!

  2. Thanks Lindsey, I’m glad you love it too! I can’t stop looking at the graphic, Isabel is so beautiful in it! :)

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