Home & Away #4217 & #4257 screencaptures & videos

November 20th 2011 • by Jess • 1 Comment »Gallery Update, Home & Away, Videos

I’ve added screencaps from another 2 episodes of Home & Away today, although they’re not the most cheerful episodes! In #4217, Tasha is in a panic because she thinks she’s going to give birth early while Robbie is still missing after the plane crash, and Jack is the only one who can calm her down. And in #4257, Tasha does give birth, but she finds it hard to connect with her new baby. So there are lots of caps of Tash screaming and squirming! These were the last 2 episodes I had saved on my computer, so I will start searching for more (including some more upbeat episodes!) to cap for you soon.

As well as the caps, you can also watch episode #4257 further down this post, thanks to some wonderful YouTube users!

Home & Away > Episode – #4217 x174
Home & Away > Episode – #4257 x115

Episode 4257

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  1. Isabel Lucas is one of my inspirations she has inspired me to become more and make a difference to the world she is so pretty, I loved her in home and away congratulations on your success Isabel!

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