“Home & Away” screencaptures – episode #’s 4115, 3911, 3939

November 13th 2011 • by Jess • No CommentsGallery Update, Home & Away

With all the excitement and promotion for Immortals (sadly) dying down now that the film has been released, I thought I’d go back to the beginning and make some more Home & Away screencaps. So today I have added caps from 3 more episodes. In episode #4115, Tash’s best friend Martha pretends to join The Believers cult, in an effort to find out more about them, but she doesn’t know what Mumma Rose has planned for Tasha later that day. In episode #3911, Tasha’s Aunt Josie is getting married, but Tash can’t keep Josie’s unfaithful secret anymore. And the final episode I capped today is #3939 which is very Tasha-centric – Tash wins the Miss Groper beauty contest on her last day in the Bay … her friends and family try to ask her if leaving is really what she wants, but she insists it is, until her boyfriend Robbie steps up and apologises for hurting her.

Some of the caps are not very good quality, but as I always say, we’re really lucky to be able to get any Home & Away episodes online, so I hope you’ll enjoy them none-the-less! More caps and content updates coming soon.

Home & Away > Episode – #4115 x128
Home & Away > Episode – #3911 x119
Home & Away > Episode – #3939 x321

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